What’s in it? And what’s not in it…

The new water based, low odour remover is a blend of water, new clever solvents and moisturisers to deliver professional performance with a soft, pleasant odour and lovely skin feel without whitening the skin like the usual industrial solvents used in removers. All the ingredients are approved for and commonly used in skin care products. There are no poisons in badu nail polish remover.

Where can I buy it?

For customers who love taking care of their nails and hands, please ask at your favourite beauty and cosmetics retailer. For health and beauty wholesalers and professionals, salon owners and students, please ask your beauty wholesaler or check out the current stockists here.

How does it work?

Nail polish is broken down and removed by the dissolving action of solvents on the dry, glossy, colourful film that is nail polish on your nails. Aggressive, high powered industrial solvents, like acetone, ethyl acetate and (heaven forbid) methy ethyl ketone (MEK) do the job quickly and cost effectively. They also dry out and whiten your skin and have a really pungent, arresting odour while being HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Sounds great doesn’t it? badu water based nail polish remover also dissolves the nail polish using clever solvent technology however works beautifully without drying and whitening your skin, without the intense, confronting odour and without being flammable. Simple choice really!

Will it remove gel nails?

No it will not. badu remover works best removing nail polish from natural nails. The solvents in badu water based nail polish remover will not break down the incredibly strong bonds that make artificial nails made of UV cured gel what they are – long wearing and really hard to remove. To remove gel nails you should use a gel nail remover which typically has a very high acetone content to break down the super strong bonds in the gel material… and lots of time.

Can I use it to remove polish on gel nails?

Yes you can however you need to trial it first. badu remover works best removing nail polish from natural nails. The clever solvents used in badu water based nail polish remover may, like a lot of nail polish removers, react with the gel surface. Due to the wide variety of artificial nail products available, it is recommended that you try to remove polish with badu remover in a small inconspicuous place first on your enhancements or artificial nail manicure before you launch into removing polish from every gel nail.

Is it ok to use on my acrylic nails?

Yes it is ok to use on acrylic nails. badu remover works best removing nail polish from natural nails. Again if you are concerned about the effect the remover will have on your enhancements, try it first in a small corner of your manicure and proceed from there.

Where is it made?

badu water based nail polish remover is an Australian invention, 100% Made in Australia. The product is patented and sold through the professional beauty markets in Australia and internationally.