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It’s not rocket science, the simple things in life are often the best. All badu formulations keep it simple for you, cleverly using food grade and cosmetic ingredients with good old fashioned, water.


Every badu product does what you expect it to. They are all tested by people like you who just want what they buy to do the simple things well, like…work!


Cheap is everywhere. Great value products are a joy to discover. The badu range has some clever science inside that means they work well without the big brand price tag.

Gentle, Water based, Low odour, Nail Polish Remover

badu Nail Polish Remover
# 1

Clever water, no poisons

As well as water being the first ingredient, badu nail polish remover has no strong solvent odour, leaves your nails feeling moisturised and soft and is even non flammable. How clever? It’s patented!
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# 2

A remover that simply lasts longer

Traditional nail polish removers made with aggressive industrial solvents evaporate in a flash. badu remover evaporates more slowly helping you clean more nails with less remover. Clever!
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Where to buy badu

The range of badu products is available through many professional beauty wholesalers who supply outlets across Australia and internationally.

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